Laundry and Drycleaning Awards mention on Radio X


Wow! Love for the LADAs hit the airwaves on Valentine’s Day!

What a surprise it was to hear our very own Laundry and Dry Cleaning Awards feature on The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X on Tuesday 14 February. Daniel Holland and the team at MAG Laundry Equipment had reached out through the letters section of the show and their mention led to a discussion about the LADAs!

The MAG team highlighted in their letter that they were Number One in the industry due to their winning of Distributor of the Year at the LADAs 2022, leading Moyles and the team to look into the LADAs while live on air.

Over several minutes of prime time breakfast radio at about 7.30am – an hour into the show – the radio team read out about the categories for the 2023 awards, mentioned the judges and even played the sound from the video clips from last years’ event with the voices of our industry’s own Vikas Shah – headline sponsor, Tabish Aiman, Bob Morrish and Debbie Jones being heard live on Radio X.

As they watched the LADAs 2022 video in the studio they said it looked like ‘a big, fancy affair!’ and ‘I bet that is a fun night out!’

Anyone who has ever attended a LADAs event in the last seven years knows that it is exactly that! Last years’ was the biggest and best year yet with over 300 guests attending.

MAG had sent the radio show photos of the team, their machines and some goodies, telling the team how they supply industrial laundry equipment to care homes and hotels all across the UK and that theirs were the ‘biggest and the best’.

On seeing the photos of the MAG machines the presenters described them as ‘beautiful’ that it would ‘do a big load’ and ‘look at the drum on that!’ Roller irons and ozone room sanitisers even got a mention.

The radio team, as excellent hosts themselves, were curious to know about who had previously hosted the LADAs. They mentioned that if we were looking for hosts for 2023 then they would be interested! Declaring the LADAs at one point as the ‘best smelling awards in the UK and we want to be part of it!’

Chris Moyles wrapped up the segment by stating, “watch this space for Dominic Byrne and myself to be at this years LADAs 2023. We’re there with (clean) bells on!”

There’s only one way to find out how the LADAs host negotiations go and that’s to come along. The latest info about the LADAs 2023 is on the MEG events website.

Our thanks to Daniel Holland and the MAG Laundry Equipment team for their fun and inspired way to raise their own profile and, at the same time, that of the industry and the LADAs!


The LADAs celebrate all that is excellent in the laundry and drycleaning industry.

Now in the ninth year, the LADAs have become the pinnacle of celebration for the laundry and drycleaning industry. The Laundry and Drycleaning Awards is the original industry award event that aims to recognise companies, individuals, services and products which stand out from the crowd, those bringing a new level of customer service and professionalism to the industry and helping it face the challenges of changing society and technology head-on. These awards, open to all sectors within the textile care industry; individuals and companies alike.

The awards first launched in 2015 after establishing a gap in the market to identify and celebrate the best in the industry, hosted by MEG Events and took place at The Royal Berkshire Conference Centre, by 2016, the LADAs moved to Mercedes-Benz World and became a glittering gala dinner and black-tie event attended by 245 people.

The Laundry And Drycleaning Awards are in affiliation with Laundry and Cleaning Today. The industry’s leading trade publication established in 1992.

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