The event is now set for April 2022

We recently had to take a step back and review the plans for CleanEx and Hospitality Expo. The vaccination rollout and the government roadmap are currently heading in the right direction but who knows the future course that Covid will take.

We were at a crunch point in our planning so we reached out to all the exhibitors to ask their thoughts about the right time to hold this event – September 2021 as planned or a move to April 2022, when many may feel in a better place to attend and exhibit.

An overwhelming majority (83 per cent) asked for the event to be moved to April 2022.

We are now confirming that the new, and final, date is Sunday 24 and Monday 25 April 2022. The venue will be at Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire as planned.

Mark Gleed, MD at MEG Events said: “As the organiser of CleanEx/Hospitality Expo we are in an extremely difficult position in relation to the best possible date to hold the show. As a business we can follow the government guidelines, but also, have to balance, that although the country is reopening, when will be the right time for our industry sector.

“Our customers had raised concerns and were worried that businesses may not be in a financially viable position to invest. With this said, as a growing and now internationally known event we want the best for our clients, to ensure we put on a safe and successful event. Having listened to our extensive list of exhibitors the decision has now been made for CleanEx and Hospitality Expo to happen in April 2022.

“We thank you all for your continued patience and support. A lot of time, money and effort has been put into the organising of this event, which we’ve now had to reschedule for the third time due to Covid.

“Changing the date again was a difficult decision to make but, by asking all our exhibitors for their thoughts, we feel this is an informed decision. We thank you once again for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you next year.”

Mark & Tina

MEG Events Ltd